WOD 6/30/2015


Warm up:

Dynamic Range of Motion, Shoulder Mobility, Band Openers

Coach John's Pain Train


Jump rope and Double under practice

"Can't Touch This"


4 rounds

30 double unders (150 singles)

15 box jumps 30/24

200 meter run


Ladies Night at the Bar


Upper Body

Super Set (one set of chin ups then do a set of dumbell bench press)  

Chin ups  3 x 10

Dumbell bench press 3 x 10

 Full Body: 

Three Stations

Sled push (add body weight to the sled)  push 50 m x 2

Sled pull  (add body weight to the sled) pull    50 m x 2

Partner Tire flip 50 M


30 banded good morning

50 Sit ups

30 V ups

50 super mans

30 Hip extensions